Janine Janssen

Janine Janssen Senior Researcher, Supervisor

Resilience & Security

Janine Janssen focuses on the question of how police professionals deal with violence in relationships of dependence, professionals who deal with, for example, domestic violence, honour-related violence or human trafficking face challenges. She investigates how we can increase the expertise of (upcoming) police professionals and help them to recognise and tackle these types of violence in time. Janssen is a cultural anthropologist and has been a researcher in criminology for many years. 

Janine obtained her PhD from the University of Groningen and is head of research at the National Police's National Expertise Center for Honour-Related Violence, lecturer on Safety in Dependency Relationships at Avans University of Applied Sciences and affiliated with the Open University as an endowed professor of Legal Anthropology. She combines these positions with her position at the Police Academy, which was established at the initiative of Deputy Chief of Police Liesbeth Huyzer and Willem Timmer from the National Expertise Center for Honour-Related Violence.