The Crafting Resilience academic research project is centred on the partnership between government, civil society organisations, and citizens to tackle social inequalities and foster social resilience, primarily within marginalised communities. The project emphasises the significance of such collaboration in response to urgent social issues. However, forging connections between the state and marginalised citizens presents a significant challenge, particularly in light of mounting inequality, polarisation, and institutional racism.

Crafting Resilience investigates targeted programmes and methods to enhance social resilience by fostering new links between the state and citizens. It examines ways in which social workers can collaborate with policymakers and citizens to conceive and execute these novel relationships. The study examines potential conflicts, dilemmas, and power dynamics that may arise within collaborative relationships.

The study's findings offer valuable insights for social workers, shedding light on the intricacies of creating effective arrangements between the state and citizens. It also provides guidance on ways social workers can tackle these challenges, advance inclusive decision-making processes, and foster resilient communities.

Three lines of research highlight different but related aspects of the Crafting Resilience project: Social Resilience as Political Practice, Navigating Professional Politics and Resilience & Security.